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Patty Block: The Power of High Energy Communication

— Elements of Community Podcast

Patty Block: The Power of High Energy Communication

— Elements of Community Podcast

The Elements of Community features captivating conversations about building meaningful communities. Lucas Root recently sat down with entrepreneur Patty Block for an energetic discussion on the power of high-energy communication.

In this episode, Patty shares how she helps women business owners increase their revenue by effectively communicating their value. Drawing from her own experiences overcoming adversity, Patty talks about the importance of authentic messaging and “pricing for value” when attracting ideal clients. She provides valuable insights for female leaders on projecting confidence, even when self-doubt creeps in.

Tune into Elements of Community to hear more of Patty’s inspirational story and actionable advice. This thought-provoking conversation will give you tools to grow your community with clarity and purpose.

Other subjects we covered on the show:

  • How the “broken cookie effect” holds women back from pricing properly.
  • The importance of balancing self-care with caring for others.
  • Steps for facilitating small groups with aligned values and purpose.
  • Managing the energy dynamic when community groups scale up.
  • Passing the baton of leadership to empower others.
  • Fostering inclusive and respectful community standards.
  • Making thoughtful choices about who you allow in your orbit.
  • The role of family in developing your core identity and values.
  • Leaving a legacy for the next generation of female leaders.
  • Remembering you always have a choice – tune into your authentic self.

Watch the full episode here:


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